Comment policy

Note (11/26/12): I have shut off comments. Hundreds of spams are more than I can handle. So email me with your comments:

I believe in the freedom of speech and welcome all opinions and remarks. Pretty much.  However, to be posted here in this blog, your remarks must also have a civility to them and should be appropriate to this blog.

To make sure we get the right tone, I will take on the role of editor to make sure your comments conform to these guidelines before I post them:

  1. The comments should be readable and should make a point. I may edit just enough to get past whatever is blocking your meaning. I’ll tell you if I do and if you don’t like what I did, you can say so and make your own changes. If you’d rather, I’ll remove the comment.
  2. Use positive language. This is a site I would want educators, their bosses, your bosses, your parents and their bosses to be able to look at without cringing. If the comment is otherwise readable, I’ll cut the offending language. If you aren’t sure about the worthiness of a word, my advice is to leave it out.
  3. Don’t use this blog as a forum to convert anyone to your belief system, be it religious, philosophical, or political. I think everyone has a right to his or her religious/philosophical affiliations and talking about your faith or lack of it is OK as long as you. Just don’t preach. That goes for politics also.
  4. If I edit a comment, I’ll let you and everyone who reads the published comment  know what I did in [editor’s brackets ].
  5. I won’t leave off your comment just because you disagree with me. I welcome debate. But it must make sense, it must be relevant to the subject you are commenting about, and it shouldn’t just be a rant at whatever you think is wrong with the world.

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