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We all know what it’s like to want to talk about your current passion with someone who shares the same, or nearly the same likes and points of view. Naturally, you won’t always be able to find that perfect audience. And so it is with me. I know you’re out there, those of you who love the theatre and want some kind of in depth discussions and not necessarily the same old stuff about “How to Act” or “How to be a Stage Manager.” Maybe you want some kind of variety. I know I want to talk about all sorts of things having to do with the performing arts and thought of podcasting.

So here I am, looking for someone to talk to, and guess what? It’s going to be you. This reading may be the start of future podcasts about the technique and pure joy of reading aloud. Oral interpretation of literature, it’s called more formally.

First on the oral interpretation list, is a reading of Dylan Thomas’ A Child’s Christmas in Wales, read by an accomplished reader, Pauline Rodick, and me, Mary Turner. We tried to come up with a good, educational reason why we decided to record it, but in the end, it boiled down to:

  1. We both like the piece very much.
  2. We like how the words flow when read aloud.
  3. This is the sort of thing we want to hear during the Holidays.Childstree1

See what you think.

Happy Holidays!

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One thought on “Podcasting for the arts

  1. Quite lovely. The articulation of a very detailed story was excellent as well as the short singing. Listening felt like I was in London (or England as I haven’t been to Wales)….got the cold, bone-chilling snow – cobbled stone streets, gas lamps, and carved stone buildings were pictured. Not sure about the green-eyed cats – that would be Mary’s touch. Love the ‘aunties’ getting into all kinds of wines (rum) and the gents dozing off after dinner. Thank you for sharing a bit of Holiday spirit – enjoyed it thoroughly – do more! Bro Bob – a fan of you both!

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