Fashion Police revisited

So, ok. I have to apologize to Joan Rivers. I recently shredded her Fashion Police show featuring the SAG Awards . What I was trying to say was, that for my taste, I found the jokes crude, vulgar, and crudely written. And that I was soooo offended that I swore I would never, ever watch the Fashion Police again. Bad for my sense of taste.

Guess what? It wasn’t a week later that I found myself, remote in hand, itching to switch to this week’s review of fashion by the four people on Fashion Police. I couldn’t help it even though I swear it was my cat’s fault that I found myself, not even a week later, watching Fashion Police. Would you believe he jumped on my remote and it magically landed on that channel?

I was horrified that I was going back on my resolve not to watch this show “ever again.” I would be strong. I would change channels just as soon as I heard a tasteless joke badly written.

Never happened. Yeah, there were things that were on the blue side, something that goes against my taste in comedy, but I had to admit, those jokes were funny. I watched the whole thing and part of their Super Bowl tribute: Fashion Bowl, and found myself thoroughly entertained. George stripping down to his running shorts was certainly a highlight. (You had to be there…)

So ok, one more thing about taste. It changes. It evolves. You may want to do one kind of art and love to see others doing it well (like I crave opera over musical comedy) but you have to concede that even though it may not express your kind of art, other styles and kinds exist and can be done well. You just have to see it through an artist’s eyes. But do preserve your own taste. You are going to rely on that in a big way.

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