What do you do when you have too much to do? Part I

School is back on again. Too soon for some of you. There are preparations: clothes, books, supplies to buy; summer friends and flirtations to say goodbye to; start on that reading list you neglected all summer; find a way to pretend that none of this even makes you break a sweat.

I feel you.

So here’s what I’ve got going. It’s all happening at the same, hence my… Continue reading

The artistic stage manager

SM1I have recently gotten involved with a local community theatre and find myself doing theatre from many angles: I am acting in a readers theatre production of The Importance of Being Ernest, adapting, writing, directing, and acting in a two-person a reminiscence of Maya Angelou. I am also stage managing a main stage production.

Stage managing, I always say, is… Continue reading

Modeling can be a form of acting

I watch ANTM. Yes, I do, and though I fast forward through all the tiffs and angst brought about by so many young women living in the same house, vying for the distinction of becoming America’s Next Top Model, I learn a lot about what it takes to rise above all that and become a performing artist.

I do think modeling can be a performing art and one that… Continue reading


It is summer and I’m doing what I’ve been preaching. I always urge you to do something toward your theatre goals and not waste all that time just hanging out. So this summer I got involved with my community theatre so I can have first-hand knowledge again of what it is like to produce live theatre. And oh, boy, are we producing!

No shows are scheduled for the summer… Continue reading

Theatre is a business

It may come as a surprise that I sometimes talk about theatre as a business. If you are interested in pursuing theatre and have already taken theatre classes, they most likely emphasized the creative and artistic side. All very good, but even the most creative and artistic people eventually have to make business decisions and when are hired to perform and find themselves having to fit into a reporting structure… Continue reading

Judgment: withhold it, please

I saw a very good community theatre production of Urinetown last night. So already some of you are turned off. I mean, who names a musical “Urintown?” and expect to get a nice, affluent, middle-class, middle-of-the-political-spectrum audience?

So I went and thought I’d withhold judgment. But there is was: a musical all about fighting for the freedom to pee. Good grief. Two hours of trying to pee? My worst… Continue reading

Hit record

For a while now, I have been working on a pet project: online coursework for high school performing arts classrooms. It would reverse the classroom model: Students would take the core part of the class on their own time and online, but would use scheduled class time to work with the teacher and each other on projects that would reinforce what they were learning.

That toxic …ooops!….special person

You love someone. They love you back. But still, something’s wrong. It’s not working. You both are miserable. You don’t leave because the good times seem just so good and if you can only get you both back to that time when it was fresh and fun, etc, etc. But even that isn’t working. And so you stay; thinking, hoping, and wishing for the

The Big Transition: summer and beyond

There comes a time when school ends and you are faced with Your Life: a new reality series starring you. It was fun while it lasted but now you are faced with being tossed into college or out into the world where you are expected to support yourself, make good choices, and kick-start your career as an actor, dancer, musician, scene designer, stage manager

Awards season: more about the movies

In last year’s awards season, I went on and on about how Jessica Chastain gave the Best performance and Zero Dark Thirty was absolutely the Best movie, neither of which one the Academy Award. This year, I am not so sure. While I haven’t seen all the “significant” movies, it seems that whatever was the last movie I saw, that was the movie that became the