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modern commedia

I just saw something you don’t see every day: the first production of a new play.

I went to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) last weekend to see my niece in a play, Lovers & Players, written by Kathryn Walat, who is on the faculty and who is an established playwright… Continue reading

What do you do when you mess up badly?

Yes, all right, I did it. I messed up badly. Sometimes stage managers get it wrong.

I don’t feel bad, though. Maybe a little embarrassed and afraid to meet the leading lady’s forgiving gaze. She is a trouper and she likes me and I like her and we have mutual respect for each other. But I messed up and she could very well have gone under the bus. But… Continue reading

When is it “just” community theater?

When the ruling theater members keep telling me to stop wanting things done “professionally” because this is community theater, not professional theatre.

When I tried to bring a professional outlook to the production my community theater is doing, several people told me to forget it, that “this is community theater!” Notice, the “just” is left out, but just community theater is what they mean. Just community theater becomes the… Continue reading

Odus the Diva

I have an Odus on my crew for the Community Theater’s production that I am stage managing.

If you play Candy Crush, you’ll find a second level of games that challenge you to clear out all the jelly candies or the candy ingredients. Only this version adds one more thing: an owl, Odus, perched on a branch. You have to keep him from falling off the branch while having… Continue reading

Changing the Code: Think about the theatre problem in a metaphor

Hamlet: ….Why, then ’tis none to you; for there is nothing either good
or bad but thinking  makes it so. To me it is a prison.

And so it goes for me and maybe you. I am stuck and I think Hamlet had it right. It’s those stories you make up in your head to explain to your ego why you feel so bad about something – that often… Continue reading

What does stage managing have to do with keeping bunnies?

Why aren’t my bunnies getting along? Who is the alpha bunny? The one who is bunniechewing up my couch and is a Mean Girl bunny to my other, sweet Buttons? Or sweet Buttons for staying out of Snap’s way.

I realized, from an incident in my stage managing experience, that the Alpha Bunny needs to be me. I have to… Continue reading

What do you do when you have too much to do? Part II

I started listing my problems in the last post, “What do you do when you have too much to do?” and promised I’d tell you how I dealt with them.

Here’s a day in my life: Pick up the new bunny – a two-hour drive across the state to get a little cutie to be a bunny buddy to my Buttons. Need time – days, weeks, months, however… Continue reading

What do you do when you have too much to do? Part I

School is back on again. Too soon for some of you. There are preparations: clothes, books, supplies to buy; summer friends and flirtations to say goodbye to; start on that reading list you neglected all summer; find a way to pretend that none of this even makes you break a sweat.

I feel you.

So here’s what I’ve got going. It’s all happening at the same, hence my… Continue reading

The artistic stage manager

SM1I have recently gotten involved with a local community theatre and find myself doing theatre from many angles: I am acting in a readers theatre production of The Importance of Being Ernest, adapting, writing, directing, and acting in a two-person a reminiscence of Maya Angelou. I am also stage managing a main stage production.

Stage managing, I always say, is… Continue reading

Modeling can be a form of acting

I watch ANTM. Yes, I do, and though I fast forward through all the tiffs and angst brought about by so many young women living in the same house, vying for the distinction of becoming America’s Next Top Model, I learn a lot about what it takes to rise above all that and become a performing artist.

I do think modeling can be a performing art and one that… Continue reading