Podcasts for everyone

There is this not-so-diverse group, all with some interest and experience in theatre, that meets once every two months to put together a program of pieces centered roughly around a theme. We perform it, radio style. Oral interpretation of literature, we used to call it. This time, we found poetry and prose around spring and the garden as a metaphor for our lives. Some of it is serious, such as… Continue reading

Theatre Follies Radio Repertory

My friends and I want to create new theatre based on traditional theatre. How do we do that? Obvious answer is to form a kind of community theatre, maybe find a barn to convert and hold performances there.

No, Mickey and Judy, we don’t want to get into bricks and mortar and all the shenanigans that go with that. We want to concentrate on content and performing. Why not… Continue reading

Carol comes to the suburbs: has anything changed since the 1950s?

It finally came to my town, a movie I would have bet money would never play here in my town, a bastion of conservative and “family values.” But it came and I went and counting me, there were maybe ten people at the matinee.

The movie began. Two beautiful people (Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara) sitting together at a restaurant, beautifully dressed in 1950s chic, smiling in that hidden… Continue reading

The Force? Really?

The biggest opening ever! Billions of dollars made! Sensational!

So, should you see it?

There was a time, long, long ago, when I went to a new movie by myself, a matinee where I was one of only a handful of people. The geeks upstairs where I worked – you know,  those guys (no girls yet) who sat before little screens and large keyboards typing and joking away… Continue reading

Podcasting for the arts

We all know what it’s like to want to talk about your current passion with someone who shares the same, or nearly the same likes and points of view. Naturally, you won’t always be able to find that perfect audience. And so it is with me. I know you’re out there, those of you who love the theatre and want some kind of in depth discussions and not necessarily the… Continue reading

The Blame Game and the Playwright

I’d like to blame it all on the person who is in charge of our readers theatre group. She tanked my play reading.

We all love to place blame and who can blame us? Blame must be found somewhere and it surely can’t be heaped on ourselves. Blaming ourselves would make us less than perfect (human, in other words) and would attract all sorts of negative vibrations lurking about… Continue reading

Absorbing the slings and arrows

My play is getting a reading and maybe even a full-blown production. That’s nice.

I am getting criticism at every turn. That’s nice.

The play is still being tweaked by my readers. One fellow, a natural-born fact checker, found two historical mistakes. I welcomed that. Things can get by an author.

There were more comments, of course. These generous people were helping make the play better by… Continue reading

Director as traffic cop: the administration part of the job

So I’m directing the play I just wrote. Or at least I was.

I spent a week going over my own script to determine how best to bring it alive in the reading we’re doing to show the board of directors of my community theatre an idea of what the play would be like should they chose to produce it.

But what a disaster! The readers theatre group… Continue reading

Directing: whose bright idea was this?

I’m in the “Be careful of what you wish” mode. I’ve been invited to give the board of directors of my community theatre a reading of the play I’ve written so they can decide whether to produce it. Great opportunity, hey?

Yes, just great.

What is my problem? Why

Now what do I do?

I have been working on a play and for the first time ever, it is getting read, workshopped really, and hearing actors reading the lines has been a huge help to the writing process. Terrifying, but so necessary. Maybe because I am older, now, or that I am finally evolving, I no longer feel like a failure when some of the lines fall flat. Instead, I cringe a little, but… Continue reading